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practical aplications of ALDH inhibition's ability to "Cycle" compounds

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Aug 15 09 3:53 AM

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this post is just an introduction i have been researching this effect for the past wile and found a few novel and practical combinations.

SWIM recently found chewing canarygrass sprouts with a tums or two adding balsam fir needle and other 5HT3/4 antagonistic compounds after having predosed with L-lysine and lecithin and inhibitor 6b minus cilantro and allspice. to produce visual effects FAR different in nature to what smoked nn-DMT is like.

 at some point(s) in the experience SWIM took basil gelcaps, crushing up tums and putting the powder in a gel cap followed by drops of basil or X liquid is very very effective, smoked basil and canarygrass sprouts at peak of canarygrass basil oral experience, SWIM has become so familiar with basil that as many find with cannabis SWIM can better feel out a substance by how it alters different types of basil experiences then by taking new substances from baseline.

 in this respect it seems like basil unlocks a sort of super intuition in me and by smelling, tasting, touching, hearing, or seeing anything you instantly can estimate a ridiculous amount of information regarding whatever data you have interpreted from the senses of your body, reacting to the stimulus from outside the body. SWIM can easily determine the absolute peak potential of any oil bottle instantly upon opening it and smelling the opening SWIM can tell how many different systems in his body are being activated, this effect becomes more pronounced when you stop "using" basil every now and then and instead use it literally at the very least 2-3 times a day everyday all the time without stop, then when you want to really make it noticeable wile doing this you take it in very small amounts every 5 minutes for like an hour straight then at the end after taking single drops the whole time take like 15-30 at once and then again 3-5 more times spacing 5 minutes between every dose.

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Aug 15 09 4:18 AM

maybe SWIM having dosed basil so frequently for so long caused ALDH to shut down for a long time (making many normally inactive compounds potentially active)  coupled with the fact that certain types of basil experiences have been noticed to increase SWIM's senses universally, in fact SWIM has developed all kinds of new senses like a sense of perceptiveness towards all sensations your experiencing, it is ABSOLUTELY vital that when people get on a really truly deep basil experience ware everything starts to have that D2 shine THEN at that point is when you should dose 2-5 more times and then go outside or try out one after another all the herbs spices,drugs anything that elicits a response from the senses sometimes just by it activating a sense you are able to realize senses you did not know you had the idea is that the more different stimulus you feed your senses wile on higher dose basil experiences the better you will be able to establish a SENSE of this or that drug,compound,receptor, etc also when you open your 3rd eye and use compounds that hit D2 its nice, like frankincense opens your third eye, but it also opens you to all sorts of other senses you did not know you had. 

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Sep 23 09 5:01 AM

the following compounds SWIM has successfully got to "cycle" with ALDH inhibition:
Bufotenin <--- full threshold dose is absolutely amazing (SWIM had no serotonin like issues but would not advise making a piperidine metabolite of bufotenin without first having lots of strong gabaergics on hand to offset what could be only SWIM's suspition of the potential for serotonin syndrome, suspicion based solely on molecular similarity not experience)
 Salvia (oh dear god vitamin and mineral deficiency getting progressively worse after first 8 hours, it lasted 3 days and was SWIM's first salvia experience he says he thinks she is quite unforgiving. could be amazing with large doses of time release vitamins and minerals)
THC (oral, inhalation, transdermal etc etc)
Methyl Chavicol

melatonin (possible blurring of boundaries between bufotenin, mexamine, and 5MeO DMT)
PEA (endogenous PEA when you trick your body into consistently making the piperidine analog from endogenous sources is extremely amazing DRAMATICALLY different from exogenous PEA or its piperidine form)
DMT the lines between endogenous dmt and exogenous tryptamine start to become pretty gray right about here
mexamine <--- EVERYONE NEEDS TO START MAKING THIS the piperidine form of mexamine is amazing
fully lucid, fully awake, fully real, fully detached and grounded simultaneously you have a lucid dream wile awake with all the fun parts you can imagine devoid of all the bad parts you can imagine.

i think we need to make an entire thread on time release vitamins and minerals and supplements and herbs everything needs to be tested this way SWIM has found many unexpected substances produce very profound effects when taken in time released as opposed to their instant release default form. a very good example being the sugars in fruit are designed to produce sustained energy throughout the day as opposed to artificial sugars that hit you like crack.

things (everything) seems to show a different side of itself the more times you take it differently and with different things.
people who have done a lot of PEA or 5MeO DMT or D2 psychedelics in general will likely understand what i mean by this, on those compounds often its what you think or do or the way you think about this or that or the way you do this or that that catalyzes the experiences you remember till death.

the fact that is that way alone, IS THE HINT so as that you can keep going with that idea  

because of god only knows what being fed to us from every direction we are in a state of extreme deficiency ware in witch we feel the world is only "psychedelic" wile taking part in a handful of plant teachers surely you must understand the absolute hilarity in the idea that we are expected to accept such a frail explanation as reality?

there are no psychedelics, certain substances just seem certain ways from certain perspectives.

the things traditionally thought of as psychedelics just happen to coincidentally have the potential to allow you to FEEL AS IF you have an imaginary and MATHEMATICALLY ACCURATE measuring stick, that can be applied to all the current, past, and potential senses.

if you allow yourself to go into the psychedelics (accept the responsibility that is tied to WHAT FEELS LIKE POWER FROM CERTAIN PERSPECTIVES) they will simply teach you a new language and with this language you will be able to realize that ABSOLUTELY everything is equally a plant teacher. this is what the plant teachers are trying to say go beyond this if you find something that stands out the quality that stood out is not tied to the method or means with witch you got there the part that stood out is actually totally saturating every part of everything hidden away for those that learn the language to interpret their message not IT but THEM everything is an entity the rocks are alive, or rather there is not such thing as something devoid of the quality we refer to as "life" 
the psychedelics will just make you hallucinate life experiences weather or not you move past the life experience wile on psychedelics or not or weather you feel you need to not be on them to convince yourself it was YOU making the step forward, is ENTIRELY up to you, you can be god the only "problem" per say is very simple: with great power comes great responsibility, do not think to prepare for the responsibility, just realise that the power is related to relinquishing your sense of need to conquer, its a math formula you can only get the actual true power when you take up responsibility, and by responsibility i mean simply letting go of who you play the game of identifying with as "yourself"
if you do not respect the power itself the power will not respect you quite simply.
you are dealing with an ENTITY in ALL affairs not just wile taking part in x handful of practices or experiences.
by its a math formula i mean true power is intrinsically dependent on the individual or party going back to taking part in sincerely intending to do well, instead of pretending they could ever be doing otherwise.
you are always being sincerely responsible you simply often play the make pretend game of not being

the problem is you do have this measuring stick, it was there the whole time but all manner of toxin keep you in a state of maintained heavy metal poisoning witch makes the measuring stick highly deficient so you feel people must be crazy to act as if you could have a measuring stick 

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Sep 25 09 9:52 PM

firstly stop ingesting EVERYSINGLE source of dimethylamine then supplement with whatever is claimed to be the highest tolerable daily dose of L-lysine. then make a salad bowl sized soup out of a few tablespoons of black pepper and boiling water and nothing else (the purer the water the better, Desani is the only bottled water anywhere near pure) then dip your head in this keeping your ears away from it and having it submerge your forehead and temples.  from here just apply almond oil or extract to all your chakras 3 times a day for a wile and you will be free from prolactin entirely, at this point start adding in EO's to balance all the chakras 1-3 times a day after a week or two of maintaining balanced chakras you have so little prolactin in your body and you end up with so many D2 receptors that your imagination is real time waking virtual reality.

its literally more efficient for me to explain to you how to get your body to produce mexamine by itself from rice, water, and multivitamin, with the addition of only ALDH inhibitors (so as to prolong the effect) and prolactin inhibitors to allow it to get anywhere.

theirs also the fact that you could take pure mexamine and add a aqueous extract of mexamine to a cup of black pepper tea filtered of solids, and if that does not work try combining the mexamine with something known to break down things of a similar chemical structure to mexamine into aldehydes and then take the aldehyde product and combine it with the piperidine tea or extract and i guess let them sit till they seem to have a different effect than just black pepper and mexamine.

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Sep 25 09 10:40 PM

What I meant was: Have you experienced the mexamine-piperidine molecule? If you have, what process did you use to create this molecule in your body? I want to reproduce it in myself. I don't want to affect the D2 receptors, prolactin level, or chakras in addition to creating mexamine-piperidine, I only want to create mexamine-piperidine. I would rather avoid dipping my head in a bowl of pepper, too; oral supplements are what I'm aiming for rather than transdermal.

But, what are you saying you have done? That by reducing prolactin levels and boosting D2 levels and using specific supplements you have gotten your body to constantly produce mexamine? And what is this business about rice, water, multivitamins, and ALDH inhibitors? Will that produce mexamine and piperidine?

What I'm thinking is this: Melatonin + ALDH inhibitor like Kudzu + Lysine = Mexamine Piperidine
That's a very long shot, which is why I want you to tell me how you got your body to produce mexamine. I didn't really understand what you wrote, lol

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Sep 26 09 12:10 AM

i am certain taking vitamin B6, valerian, melatonin, 5-HTP every night for say 2-6 days or until you notice it should be safe if you have lavender oil on hand and other gabaergics ideally also being nmda antagonists. if you do this and start to get it to work you can take out the 5-htp after a wile and start to go crazy with the other 3 every night getting the effects as if all 4 were taken in equal doses, once your at this stage you can just use 5-htp every so many days to give it a kick and after a wile of getting tolerant to the side effects of 5-htp you are capable of taking frequent enough doses to cause your dreams to spill into your waking consciousness having ones third eye and ideally all other chakras balanced before and during and after this would be a very good idea.

something that would also help enormously is if everyone tried taking blue lotus tea for every night for 1-4 or more weeks straight i guarantee you will notice EXTREMELY PROFOUND alterations in what you had been identifying with as baseline perception. its hard to explain it makes it seem like you had never been at baseline before you reach the level of clarity the baseline produced by chronic blue lotus causes.

blue lotus is by far the most powerful anti-addictive SWIM has ever taken part in, it is capable under the right conditions of producing a state of such high D2 receptor concentration in certain areas of the brain and body, it is on par with all forms of dmt at the very least but has its own nature to it.

it will begin teaching you a language to learn other languages with.

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Sep 26 09 1:06 AM

What I meant was: Have you experienced the mexamine-piperidine molecule? If you have, what process did you use to create this molecule in your body? I want to reproduce it in myself. I don't want to affect the D2 receptors, prolactin level, or chakras in addition to creating mexamine-piperidine, I only want to create mexamine-piperidine. I would rather avoid dipping my head in a bowl of pepper, too; oral supplements are what I'm aiming for rather than transdermal.
But, what are you saying you have done? That by reducing prolactin levels and boosting D2 levels and using specific supplements you have gotten your body to constantly produce mexamine? And what is this business about rice, water, multivitamins, and ALDH inhibitors? Will that produce mexamine and piperidine?
What I'm thinking is this: Melatonin + ALDH inhibitor like Kudzu + Lysine = Mexamine Piperidine
That's a very long shot, which is why I want you to tell me how you got your body to produce mexamine. I didn't really understand what you wrote, lol


there is no endogenous or exogenous terms attempting to characterize the source of this or that are flawed due to  eggs--> melatonin etc etc
now i am not saying lets give up i am saying there is no framework in actual reality so lets establish one first so that we can even HAVE THE TOOLS WITH WITCH to utilize what we are looking to take part in.

lets establish a floating theory of our own as what endogenous could possibly be.
its when you cut out as many things as possible that you can survive on that you start to learn what i am talking about here, then you probe individual things slowly in various different ways to feel out as many things as you can one after another this gives you a very well rounded perspective.

lets say endogenous is when all you eat is rice and water and a multivitamin/mineral, after a week of this or two for some people a month or two also going to bed in total darkness and then make sure you go to bed on a timer and wake up on a timer EVERY day in total darkness and total bright light as often as possible THIS WILL ILLICIT A PROFOUND EFFECT. i totally understand what was meant when whoever it is that i cant remember now said DMT and other similar things clean the pineal gland the more you use them they are balancing agents and likely much more.

it is ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING when you wake up and instantly know that if you wanted between now and the next time you sleep you may feel as if the day took any different amounts of time whatsoever might have felt like centuries at times might have felt like you finished the day in the blink of an eye but its truly astounding when it gives you the controller to play around with all day for a few days consecutively.

heres a better question what receptors does mexamine effect in what ways in what parts of body or brain?

oh ya i totally forgot, yes i have gotten mexamine to work using melatonin, also liquorice tea at bedtime can induce a very notable waking lucid dream state if you relax yourself and remember to stay awake.

about that whole why the chakras thing? it is absolutely 100% integral that everybody try this a few times because the effects it has on your bodies well being long term is tremendous, almond oil on all chakras can totally do away with arthritis or most pain other then strong stimuli. but the rest of them basically the majority of the time i put an oil on a chakra it is meant for it instantly releases dopamine and a few other things simultaneously with it that combine very nicely each chakra adding something different to the dopamine once you get to the crown you are fully inside the D2 shine happy times.

basically what i am saying is the absolute highest possibly peak of PEA and or PEA/L-dopa combinations is the nature state of the human body at all times otherwise is the deficiency if you balance out your chakras enough you will see this so clearly you will fade away and reality will set in to substitute your infinite doubts.

i have taken melatonin in so many different ways with so many different things i am certain the state achieved by chronic melatonin use at bed time that it produces during the day must be extremely close to or similar to what full chakra balancing feels like.

toastus i have used lots and lots of gamma-terpinene ...... you can figure out ABSOLUTELY anything like it is nothing at all if you balance all your chakras and then keep them balanced and start using Y-terpinene often in all sorts of different ways.

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Sep 26 09 2:41 AM

almond oil or grocery store almond extract
vitamins B6 and E give the same benifit

root chakra: tailbone/bottom of spine
sacral chakra: an inch or two below the belley button
solar plexus chakra: an inch or two above the belley button
heart chakra: center of chest SWIM just makes a circle outwards from the center of diaphragm
throat chakra: center of throat adams apple and back of neck
third eye chakra: center of foreheadanyware from between eyebrows to halfway up to the hairline temples help
crown chakra: center and top of head

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Oct 6 09 4:08 AM

And you got melatonin to convert to mexamine?


sorry for brushing over this without resolving the question you asked, this comes from SWIMs extensive knowledge and experience with the different stages of the human bodies ordinary schedule.
(including the mexamine peak)

when you take large doses of L-lysine daily and avoid dimethylamine sources, and have your own home made inhibitor 6b and take the right things to induce some things and inhibit others frequently you end up making your body turn a lot of molecules into piperidine versions and it cycles many many more than most people would think and after a wile you start to get so used to the effect of piperidine molecules you can instantly notice when a compound has began to act in a certain way because the L-lysine or rather piperidine its bound to makes a very distinctive electric feeling jolt jump through your body, .

the amount of diffirent things that can form piperidine alkaloids and get cycled with strong ALDH inhibition with strong alcohol dehydrogenase induction and mao A induction mao B inhibition as well as strong inhibition of most if not all the enzymes related to ALDH. i am not sure what factor is producing this effect perhaps its SSAO inhibition but when SWIM gets a really good PEA experience rolling with cocoa nibs its hard to compare anything else to it, it has qualities vary similar to certain stages of dxm and ketamine as well as 5 meo dmt, bufotenin, and salvia definitely some part of basil as well. this ALDH inhibition + piperidine combination is also very dangerous and to be taken very carefully by those not extensively familiar with the human bodies various functions. for those who know some of the things needed to be safe with mao a or b inhibitors and also understands the potential pros and cons of the ALDH piperidine cycling system it can be an EXTRAORDINARY teacher in and of itself, with ones 3rd eye and other chakras open and on chronic high dose L-lysine and the other needed things for cycling everything you interact with you can derive a stupidly large stretching amount of accurate information from nothing more than initial estimations.  

a really big factor i found out recently was that liquorice root tea in SWIM induces waking lucid dreams fairly quickly after ingestion, these are very very pleasant.

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#12 [url]

Nov 24 09 12:00 AM

But, what are you saying you have done? That by reducing prolactin levels and boosting D2 levels and using specific supplements you have gotten your body to constantly produce mexamine? And what is this business about rice, water, multivitamins, and ALDH inhibitors? Will that produce mexamine and piperidine?


what i am saying is i don't know EVERYSINGLE thing you eat or ingest in the run of a day/week so i don't know how many things are preventing you from getting the piperidine mexamine working.i DO however know that with this small contained list of foods/supplements i am able to consistently reproduce piperidine mexamine molecules.

your aidea about melatonin is a good idea, in another thread i posted a combo like:
melatonin 5-20mg
5-HTP 50mg +
valerian unknown amount
vitamin B6 100mg + more over time

start off by taking this every night and on the second night if you get overly serotonin-heavy effects reduce the amount of 5-htp and slowly step up the amount of 5-htp over time, when you are taking enough of these to get extremely lucid dreams, usually 100-200mg 5-HTP, mid-high valerian, 10-30mg melatonin, B6 ideally the absolute highest non toxic level of intake daily, at around this point witch is usually 1-2 weeks in (remembering to take away the 5-htp or reduce it for a night when getting more serotonin effect) at this point you can stop taking everything and just closing your eyes produces the same effect progressively more so the darker the room, and at this point taking any 1 ingredient alone or 2-3 in combination allows you VERY LARGE downloads of information regarding what each one was adding to the fully rounded experience of combining the 4. you start to learn the melatonin was likely producing most of the mexamine like effects, wile the others were many assisting synthesis.

after you get melatonin or the 4 combined to produce powerful lucid dream experiences you can easily learn to distinguish when melatonin is converting to mexamine or not and by melatonin i mean the encapsulated hormone AND closing your eyes in a pitch black room for 15-45 minutes.

dancing releases 5-meo dmt SWIM has decidedly come to this conclusion, and perhaps some bufotenin, listening to music and playing music and writing/playing music usually release some nn-dmt and mostly some cocktail of 5 meo and bufotenin with all of these activities releasing a fair chunk of mexamine on top of what i have mentioned. mexamine is kind of the Pi part of the equation its the bottomless well of unique expression that makes up your deepest self, its YOUR unique incarnation's "take" or "spin" on all the other uniqueness of this reality.

prolactin inhibition just so happens to from our ordinary experience of reality allow us to fully FEEL and take part in the "endless freshness" of reality. SWIM has gotten some extremely novel states of mind when combining anti-addictive reverse-tolerant versions of PEA. everything is so ridiculously saturated with endless wells of "d2 shine" or "novelty" or "curiosity inspiring".

you start to realize this is there the whole time, and if you cant take 1 molecule of the world and fill the physical and other universes with pages of the book about that one "piece" of reality, you could say, you have not experience the prolactin "void" yet.

with very strong prolactin inhibition and only orgasming AT MOST every 3 days, combined with very strong chronically increasing NMDA antagonism along with prolactin inhibition, PEA has a INCONCEIVABLY deeper side to show you.

strong or progressively increasing NMDA antagonism and prolactin inhibtion with strong daily exercise or D2 agonization of PEA use essentially is chemically induced wizard-ship.

and by chemically induced i mean chemically INITIATED, once you get the ball moving the momentum stays for the rest of your life.

one of the forum members in a post refers to certain PEA activations as "happy salvia" this is a good way of explaining it.

i think this is basically the up-regulating of endogenous systems to produce a sort of "forced" qigong, this is from wiki i think.

"In the principle circuit of qi, called the Microcosmic orbit, energy rises up a main meridian along the spine, but also comes back down the front torso. Throughout its cycle it enters various dantians (elixir fields) which act as furnaces, where the types of energy in the body (jing, qi and shen) are progressively refined.[46] These dantians play a very similar role to that of chakras. The number of dantians varies depending on the system; the navel dantian is the most well-known (it is called the Hara in Japan), but there is usually a Dantian located at the heart and between the eyebrows.[47] The lower dantian at or below the navel transforms sexual essence, or jing, into qi energy. The middle dantian in the middle of the chest transforms qi energy into shen, or spirit, and the higher dantian at the level of the forehead (or at the top of the head), transforms Shen into wuji, infinite space of void."

certain parts of bufo, 5 meo, and certain types of PEA experiences produce the effects i have heard attributed to mexamine.

the compound made by ALDH cycling tryptophan is somwhat like maxamine but more "cool, but not cold" its got a very strong fear halting component in SWIM, that is not as present if not devoid from 5 meo, bufo, and PEA, theirs also an element of valerian-like meditative thought quieting coupled with intensely fast recall of all types of memory and extremely enhanced general "thought, and thought process quality" i think toastus or one of the other older members use the term "brain streamlining" this is extremely accurate to SWIMS experience with certain types of tryptophan activation.   

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#13 [url]

Dec 15 09 4:14 AM

the following is from wiki and is a very good place to start investigating for more compounds to potentially cycle:

from (

Specific reactions catalyzed by MAO include:

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#14 [url]

Dec 15 09 4:18 AM

this wiki page here shows a few things that result from mao a or b action on some compounds.

would have posted the actual information itself but the forum wanted a mod to look over it first, and that is not going to happen.

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#15 [url]

Dec 15 09 5:26 AM

i have been looking into things that inhibit mao A only and do not effect mao B preferably short acting widely available compounds so as to strongly inhibit mao A and wait for the inhibition to reverse into induction, then to take strong mao B inhibitors with strong ALDH inhibitors and strong nmda antagonists and prolactin inhibitors, followed by PEA so as to attempt to differentiate between the effects of various PEA metabolites.

i would like to share that i have noticed consistently that i get very flat effects from PEA if taken without prolactin inhibitors, i will test soon with prolactin inhibited but nmda left alone.

these things i understand to be vital to getting any effect from PEA at all:

mao A and or B induction or inhibition
ALDH inhibition
ADH induction

prolactin inhibition <- the presence of prolactin seems to impair PEA dramatically.
NMDA antagonism ? i have a few ideas but have not tested with scrutiny yet, will soon.

does anyone know of anything that reduce the length of a compounds duration or that can cause a compounds effects to be more compounded.

i am also trying to find out if any vitamins, minerals, co-factors, foods, drugs, amino acids etc etc induce mao A or B.

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#16 [url]

Dec 15 09 7:59 PM

i would like to share that i have noticed consistently that i get very flat effects from PEA if taken without prolactin inhibitors, i will test soon with prolactin inhibited but nmda left alone.
these things i understand to be vital to getting any effect from PEA at all:
mao A and or B induction or inhibition
ALDH inhibition
ADH induction
prolactin inhibition <- the presence of prolactin seems to impair PEA dramatically.
NMDA antagonism ? i have a few ideas but have not tested with scrutiny yet, will soon.


I can not agree with you more about prolactin. I find PEA to much more when a prolactin inhibitor is taken. I can't add much more than that i plan on testing NMDA antagonist and maybe ALDH inhibition.

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#17 [url]

Dec 16 09 12:46 AM

another thing that seems to have a large impact is if you pre-dose with L-lysine or Lecithin i basically get either no effects or extremely short lived transient effects if i leave out both of those, even one of them can make a massive difference.

as far as i know what you need for best effects are:

L-lysine and or Lecithin (pepper tea filtered of solids works for replacing L-lysine, anything that breaks down into dimethylamine can replace lecithin)

ADH (alcohol dehydrogenase) induction

ALDH (aldehyde dehydrogenase) inhibition

MAO A induction

MAO B inhibition

vitamin C

NMDA antagonism

prolactin inhibition

wile buying or making your own inhibitor 6B is an extremely potent ALDH inhibitor, pomegranate extract inhibits ALDH for many hours ware 6B is short lived in me however combining the two makes 6B last much longer and makes pomegranate much stronger after 6B wears off.

caffeine pre-dose makes PEA several magnitudes stronger in me, i cannot remember if caffeine inhibits SSAO or just ALDH and some other enzymes related to ALDH this should be looked into.

i am planning on pre-loading on 5-HTP before my next PEA activation because of how dramatically it ramped up bufotenin and 5 meo in me, its important to make sure you take the 5-HTP an hour or more before the first PEA ingredients are taken so that it does not get caught in the mao a/b inhibition.

before i started aiming to create PEOA i used the following to activate PEA:

1-2 g L-lysine
100 mg magnesium
20 mg zinc
teaspoon parsley
485 mg cats claw (uncaria tomentosa)
teaspoon olive oil that has been sitting in direct light for quite some time, taste like cat pee ):
100mg caffeine anhydrous
10-20 drops almond extract
5-20 drops star anise EO
10-30 drops inhibitor 6B without the cinnamon, cilantro, allspice, spearmint
15-20 capers in what tastes like vinegar
100 mg rhodiola rosea (root) hydroethanolic extract
50 mg resveratrol extract containing 10% t-resveratrol, 10% viniferin
quercetin 500 mg
500 mg curcumin extract

these are taken in a particular order to maximize effects the last of witch is followed 15 minutes later by 2-3 heaping tablespoons 70-80% dark chocolate cocoa nibs as the PEA source.


2 brazil nuts, 1 g kelp extract (850 mcg iodine) careful kelp and brazil nuts really opens the channel widely make sure to take them for a few days prior to get used to having the channel open all the time before taking as PEA pre-dose.

i notice the side effects others mention from PEA but i find i only get them in my body and only for the first 15-45 minute come up, after the first 50 minutes all the PEA has reached my brain and i find literally as it passes from my neck into my head the side effects dissolve into an intense feeling that is like the euphoric opposite of a migraine.

it always seems to climb up to my throat and progressively get more side effects as it rises but comically it always catches itself JUST before it reaches actual side effects it feels like it swells right to the threshold of the side effects actually being problematic and then tips into purely good effects in me this happens just as it passes my neck witch it climbs to slowly over the 15-45 minutes after ingestion. 

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#18 [url]

Dec 16 09 1:20 AM


if you take all the ingredients i listed in the post above expect it to last for multiple days especially if you use any amount of L-lysine or pepper tea filtered of solids.

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#20 [url]

Dec 16 09 3:05 PM

what i am trying to make is the piperidine version of this:

Mao-b should be inhibited for the highest conversion of PEA to PEOA and dopamine-,3-hydroxylase is the enzyme that converts PEA to PEOA.  This paper says that studies show that PEA & MAO-b inhibitors each increase the PEOA content in the pineal gland.  Pretty cool stuff, I wonder if you had your post synaptic mao inhibited you could be rocking some extra long extended PEOA as well as other things like Tryptamine.
Source: [url]


my hope is to try to reproduce endogenous PEA with exogenous substances through enzymatic transformation, i have found almost universally the endogenous version of compounds is often several magnitudes stronger than their exogenous counterparts and usually lasts much longer and their is the fact that the endogenous cannabinoid system only self up-regulates and it takes exogenous activation of it to down-regulate, at least that's how i understood a few articles discussing it, i have a feeling this same gimmick applies to most other endogenous systems.

the primary reason i get this impression is because i have done many different kinds of tolerance tests for many of the compounds we use and i have found if you eat multivitamins, kelp, brazil nuts and avoid food with flouride, bromide, chloride, mercury, after a week of taking almost or no exogenous drugs baseline itself starts to resemble a continuously sustained PEA experience that gets progressively stronger the longer you refrain from other substances. 

this is especially noticeable when you take chakra balancing oils, because their exogenous effects are highly limited, what they do is use extremely small amounts of the oils themselves and activate an organs endogenous repair system and self regulation system, this leads to a much longer and more pronounced effect than the oil itself causes, i am certain that some chakra activations i have had have released endogenous compounds.

the way some of you guys describe how hordene has a very particular type of stimulation it produces that is not like any other kind of stimulation, well endogenous compounds in me have a very very specific feel that is instantly recognizably different than their exogenous counterparts, they are usually a lot more warm and permeating. 

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