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Differences Between Alpha Pinene and Beta Pinene

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Jul 16 09 3:24 PM

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I've noticed a few differences between the effects of alpha and beta pinene.

The lemon oil I have has high amounts of beta pinene.

The pine oil I have has higher amounts of alpha pinene than beta pinene, but still has a lot of beta pinene.

These are my observations:

Beta pinene mostly affects the brain, while alpha pinene mostly affects the body. Massive cholinergic transmission over the body isn't fun when it makes you feel pain more.

Beta pinene is more nausea preventing, while alpha pinene is either less effective or causes very very slight nausea.

Beta pinene is psychedelic in a weird sense, it literally causes psychedelic fire visuals, spikes of energy, spiky wheels of energy, spiky tornadoes of energy fire in high doses, etc. This is literally what it produces in my minds eye every time.

Alpha pinene does not do this, and may block beta pinene's ability to do this in some small respect.

Alpha pinene seems to affect the heart, but I can't exactly say what it does other than I feel it there.

So, for now, I'm hating on alpha-pinene. I may discover its benefits later but I really wish that I had some pine oil with higher beta pinene levels and low alpha pinene.

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Jul 23 09 4:25 PM

balsam fir needle oil from canada contains 30% b-pinene

the following oils contain 25% or more b-pinene:
douglas fir
norway pine (red pine)
white pine

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