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Anise Anyone?

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Jan 13 09 7:15 PM

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Anise has long been a favorite flavor of mine. It is indescribable.

Is there a place for Anise in oilahuasca-adventures? I believe it contains anethole, but I do not know of what use it is. I know it has a history of use in absinthe, so I would assume there is some potential for psychoactivity.

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Jan 14 09 2:13 AM

Anise, or star anise (very similar), has been shown to help activate oilahuasca. It's possible that it induces CYP2C9. Another member of this forum tested pure anethole and found it to be inactive and not help activate oilahuasca, so there's something else unknown present in anise that's beneficial.

I have not tried pure anethole, but I have used star anise many times. It definitely helps activate oilahuasca, especially if the allylbenzene used is methyl chavicol. I have been able to activate methyl chavicol solely with 200 mg of star anise oil taken 20 minutes before the methyl chavicol.

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Mar 11 10 2:08 AM

anyone who has used both star anise oil and aniseed oil can you share your experience as to:

do you find star anise has more bite and burn?

do you find aniseed oil has more creamy, sweet, licorice taste and less burn/bite than star anise?

this brings me to realize.... i get the same L-lysine like electrical feel from either star anise or aniseed, i cannot remember witch i will test.

i am now very happy as i have verified that i have both aniseed oil and star anise oil this is a big thing for me YAY much testing will be done

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