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Best kava kava?

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Jun 12 08 5:29 PM

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There are two very popular kinds of kava kava, the most popular one is from _Vanuatu_, and the other is from _Fiji_. What is the best kava kava, and why is the _Vanuatu_ kava kava more popular? Is there something to it that the _Fiji_ kava kava lacks?
(FYI: I have to type "_Fiji_" and "_Vanuatu_" because this forum filters out country names without the underscore!) plain

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Jun 13 08 1:43 PM

Whole lateral  root Van_ua_tu is my favorite. But its rare I order such a thing. It is very hit and miss for me. 90% of the time I get zero effects from kava other than a stomach ache from drinking mud. And thats with various emulsifiers and potentiators.

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Jun 13 08 10:20 PM

you should try chewing whole roots it's a lot more pleasant and easier to titrate doses.  Going to the grocery store with a mouth full of herbs has never been so fun!

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Jun 18 08 3:11 AM

Don't these two kinds of kava have different effects?

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Jun 18 08 4:49 PM

For me, kava is different every time. I cannot seem, after many years of trying, to replicate any of the very limited 'good effects' I have ever had from this plant. Hit or miss big time. Mostly miss.

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Oct 12 08 9:41 PM

Some people even get paradoxical effects from it, it depends on the amount of each alkaloids in the strain you're using.

Something else interesting is that kava inhibit CYP1A2 and CYP3A4, while inducing CYP2A6 and CYP3A4 but not their catalytic activity, just their production. So, i decided to try it(6 encapsulated grams of hawaïan kava) with a 10X extract of Macropiper Exelsum(500mg) wich contains myristicin and a little elemicin. From what i know of the chemical content of Maori kava, it was about 2.5 mg of myristicin and at least ten times less of elemicin. Even if you consider grapefruit juice as not effective, i will mention it because i drank two cups of it a couple hours before.

It worked very well and it was low on visuals but the physical component of it was really nice, maybe like MDMA(not sure because i just tried it 2 or 3 times and pills are oftenly sold "as" being something). This was quite an experiment for me because there was almost no hangover unlike with synth drugs.

I tought of it a little and came to the conclusion that this was probably a synergy between grapefruit juice and kava. It is also probable that i am really sensitive to those substances.

P.S.: Sorry if i made mistakes, english is not my native language.

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