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Home Distillation of Essential Oils

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Jan 14 09 12:46 PM

Thank you so much 69ron...
I've found good nuts entires with mace but they come from Sri Lanka...
The maces are good too, real?

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Jan 14 09 9:41 PM

Yes, it takes a huge amount of water.

The mace is good too. But nuts from Sri Lanka are the probably the worst you can get in terms of allylbenzene contents unfortunately.

One reason a lot of people don't get effects from nutmeg is because they use nuts from Sri Lanka. Nuts from India and Indonesia are much better, with Indonesia often being some of the best. (There are other sources of better nuts but they are hard to find for sale.)

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Jan 16 09 4:11 AM

You need to grind them first.

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Jan 16 09 10:09 AM

What aboutdo a first distillation for a certain number of hours...
change the water...
Do another distillation...
Et cetera...
Then collect all the distilled oil...
Can work?

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Jan 18 09 4:30 PM

Hey guys i'm really interested in specifical distillation procedures but i can't find anything in the web...
I've a fiew questions....
-If a 24 hours distillation can collect the allybenzenes it can work with generally all the molecoles with unreacheble boiling point?
-what about distillation of passiflora, lemon, cinnamon, parsinps and cannabis?

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Jan 21 09 9:45 PM


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Jan 29 10 12:07 AM

@ 69ron:

Cool set up. I like easy!

But, a few questions...

1. Is the lower pot a double boiler? Like for making spaghetti?
2. Will that glass lampshade break with all the heat and steam?
3. How do you add extra water to this contraption when it boils down?



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Jan 7 13 5:34 AM

Steam Distillation and Fractional Distillation

Steam Distillation is a process wherein steam is used to extract the volatiles from plant material. It could be super saturated steam ( using a boiler- mainly for roots and seed crops), water and steam (where plant material is kept over a layer of water and "wet" steam passes through the plant material- this is done primarily for leaf crops, e.g. mints, or cymbopogons in india) or water distillation ( where plant material is immersed in water fully--- special crops like rose). The product of commerce is the ESSENTIAL OIL.
Fractionation is a process, where ESSENTIAL OILS are heated (INDIRECTLY), using steam, and various FRACTIONS are separated at different heights of the collumn- depending on the boiling point, various fractions condense at different heights in the collumn

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