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Why is patchouli oil associated with hippies?

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Nov 9 07 9:47 AM

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I looked up patchouli oil to see what the benefits of this popular oil are and I kept getting references to hippies using this oil as a perfume. I read its said to be used by hippies to cover up the smell of marijuana. I think that's probably not true, and just a thing people said about it because hippies liked it and some of them smoked marijuana. Many hippies dressed like hippies, they weren't trying to hide what they were, so I find it hard to believe that they would try to cover up the smell of marijuana.

I'd like to know the real reason why many hippies used patchouli oil. I'd like to hear from an actual 60's hippie why patchouli oil was so popular in their subculture. I can't imagine it was solely to cover up the smell of marijuana. There must be another reason for it. There are many strong oils, strong enough to cover up the smell of nearly anything, so why choose patchouli oil?

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Nov 9 07 11:25 AM

Man, I'm 59 years old. I was a teen in the late 60's. People liked patchouli cause it was the new thing. It signified to others that you were aware of things outside the fucking box people were living it. Man, people were so close minded. The older people didn't like patchouli cause it wasn't what you could get at macy's and other places everyone bought shit at. Patchouli smells like nature, not old spice. Man, no body wanted to wear some colonge their dad and granddad wore. They wanted something new. Something from nature. Something that told the world they were different, new, not living in a closed box life.

Patchouli has an earthy smell. It smells like nature. Some people hate it because it smells like nature. To love the smell of patchouli is to love the smell of nature. To love old spice is to love the establishment.

You get it? This was a statement. We wore different clothes. We talked different. We listened to different music. We had different values. We embraced different ideas. So naturally we had to have a different cologne. One that said "I aint a fucking duplicate of the old folks! I am of a new generation and I am proud of it!"

There was some rebellion in it to. You knew certain straight people could not stand the smell. It was too natural for them to handle. It was not old spice or some other shit sold at macy's. That was a big part of it for some people. They wanted to make their presence known. They wanted the straight people following the ways of the old people to know they weren't one of them.

We hated old spice and the rest. You wouldn't be caught dead smelling like your father.

This rumor about it being used to cover up the smell of marijuana got started and spread like wildfire. It's a rumor. It doesn't cover up the smell. People started saying that after hippies started using it. It was the straight guy's rumor. Not all hippies smoke marijuana. Straight guy's think they do. Many hippies only did acid and still wore patchouli. I did a lot of acid. I almost never smoked marijuana and I wore patchouli because it was part of the culture. I felt it made me smell natural, fresh. Like a new age man. Not all stuffy like old spice.

Looking back at it now, I see it was silly. Old spice is not bad. We just hated things like that because it signified old people. It was what old people wore. There was such an "us and them" attitude back then. People really felt it. Now looking back it looks silly. On both sides. The polarity was stupid. The straight people and the hippies were both close minded, just close minded in different directions. You can't be a hippie without the opposing straight guy. They were two sides of the same coin, existing to battle each other because things were getting off track in the and people knew it. In the end both sides won. The world is more open minded today. The good values from both sides are a strong part of the today. So as silly as that time seemed to be, it was needed.

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Nov 9 07 8:23 PM

I can see why hippies and other nature lovers would like patchouli oil. It's got a natural earthy scent.

With patchouli oil people love it or hate it. If you like an earthy smell you might love patchouli. Some people find it smells like soil or compost and hate it for that reason. Be careful using it. The scent of patchouli oil lasts for a very long time. Patchouli oil has one of the longest lasting scents among essential oils. Make sure its something you like before you try using it. Once you get it on your clothes, the scent will stay with the clothes even after being washed a few times if you put too much.

I think the reason some people overdo patchouli oil is because they get used to the smell and don't notice that they still smell like patchouli oil the next day and then they apply more so they get a buildup effect and smell more and more like patchouli oil.

I like the scent of patchouli oil. A small amount mixed with ylang ylang or lavender can be a nice combination.

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Oct 25 08 12:22 AM

Do you know if patchouli oil is safe to ingest? What compounds other than Beta-Caryophyllene have psychoactivity? Do patchouli alcohol, alpha-patchoulene, beta-patchoulene or beta-elemene have any effect?

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Dec 17 08 7:47 AM

I hope you'll all be glad to know I've recently purchased some patchouli (which I ignorantly pronounce PAH CHOO EEE w/out the L.. HAHA) and so anyways (here you might note I'm from the Midwest, particularly the Dakotas as I say anywayS) ha, anyways.. I heat it in my diffuser to generate a kickass aroma in my room and sometimes stick it in my hutch so all my clothes smell like it and I get dirty/peculiar/ammused looks whilst I walk around campus at the school I go to. Yeah! Just thought I'd share! OH! and also, I think that Henrix's explanation, that hippies wore patchouli to be unique and out of the box, Or in other words that hippies wore patchouli to be 'hippies' is a blatant cop out, and to me it would seem that hippies wore patchouli as it originates in India. The countercultural movement of the 60's very obviously (as if anyone was trying to hide it, haha) based it's philosophy largely on that of Eastern religion. Consider westernciv+ counter= easternciv. / the whole point of being a hippy is to be someone on the path of spiritual awakening or to be someone of heightened awareness thus Patcouli having both a connect to Eastern philosophy and sensory perception, sense of smell, was used by the hippies. And FINALLY, I just want to say that I think the hippies did a piss poor job of actually attaining enlightenment, and I'm really reminded of the flaming lips song free radicals in which it is said 'you think you're radical, but you're not so radical, in fact you're fanatical. DunDun. FANATICAL (Aw, great tune) Ecspecially, when they counterculture movement as it climaxed in the summer of love was preceded but such great, and DEVOUT, not only in study but in practice, Buddhists as the Beatniks/Kerouacan Poets, who knew so much for their time and were so brilliant, all to have their progress stained with the fart that was all these middle class people with no real problems in their life other than what the Beatniks knew "that all life is suffering, an illusion from the void, anything is possible by the mind, thus suffering can be suppressed!" but the hippies weren't disciplined enough to discover this so they decided to piss on chivalry and blame society and their parents, and take so many drugs that they lost focus. And to wander without a purpose, without the ability to concentrate, without any real spiritual, I mean Alchemy or Yoga or whatever you want to call spiritual transformation is not a new idea is was just as accessible to the hippies as it was to the beatniks or moreover anyone else alive the past couple thousand years, and so I conclude, hippies are unworthy of patchouli. The End, Sorry Mom.

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Feb 7 12 8:31 AM

shmee... you can ingest Pachouli, but ingesting any oil (or even putting it on your skin) it should be as pure as possible. I use an EO blend called DiGize and it contains Pachouli, a drop or two under my tongue before a meal.

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