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Best completely legal psychedelic herbs?

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Nov 5 07 3:58 AM

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What do you guys think are the best completely legal psychedelic herbs? I mean really legal, not quasi legal (nothing like mimosa, HBWR, etc).

#1 at the top of my list is nutmeg oil. I tried that yesterday and it was fucking awesome. I got out of body experiences from it.

#2 is elemicin (extracted from elemi oil). I had auditory hallucinations from that.

#3 cramp bark mixed with datura stramonium. Its visual when it works. It doesn't always work.

#4 sassafras, but this shit is weak. You need an ounce or more. Decent when it works. Sort of like molly.

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#1 [url]

Nov 5 07 10:41 AM

Have you tried Sassafras after the MEK wash?

"Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego."

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Nov 5 07 8:38 PM

I have not had good luck with any legal psychedelics yet.

Elemi oil did not work for me but I'm trying it again later today with lecithin. Lecithin should help you digest the elemicin in the same was it helps you digest kavalactones. I gaurantee lecithin makes kava work much better.

Tried nutmeg powder once. I was as sick as a dog. Got nothing good out of it.

Does kava kava count? That's good stuff.

Sassafras is weak. Did something, maybe a slight sedation. I will try the MEK wash and give it another try.

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#3 [url]

Nov 5 07 11:58 PM

Hendrix, a few Q's:

1. Did you eat anything with the nutmeg oil?
2. What was your reaction to elemi oil?
3. Also, how long did it last?

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#4 [url]

Nov 10 07 12:39 AM

My statement above has changed.

I did finally have luck with elemi oil. I used 1 ml, 1 tsp of lecithin, and 1 cup of hot water. I mixed the lecithin in the water to dissolve it. When it cooled down I added 1 ml of elemi oil which never really did anything much before. This time it worked.

So I now have 1 item on my list of legal psychedelics that actually did something:

#1 - elemi oil

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Nov 10 07 2:04 AM

nutmeg oil is nothing like powdered or even whole nutmeg, i tried powdered years ago and the nasty ill effects kept me from retrying it again until a nice person sent me a 3ml sample of nutmeg oil on the side of my order for uv paint additives, and i will say this, the oil is nothing like the powder trust me i dare you to try it and say otherwise, altho my experience only lasted a good 7 hours (maybe longer residually but got stoned and didnt notice) and i did not have a single negative effect just a very very relaxing journey and comfortable meditation, i suggest you give the oil a try you, i understand after trying powder one may hold a high aversion to trying nutmeg oil, i did myself but trust me i do not regret it and once i get some extra money ill be ordering more of it for myself along with some more uv paint additives considering im out. as for elemi oil, that one i had no luck with unfortunately but ill try it again someday when i feel up to it, granted it caused no negative effects i still had a hard time with its flavor, nutmeg oil on the other hand actually tastes rathern nice in strong contrast to the powder which made me gag horribly. ron knows more about these things so ask him also ;) he wont steer you wrong

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Mar 17 08 6:05 PM

I had two experience with nutmeg, the first was positive and lead a ++ experience, no discomfort.
I eat the whole nuts straight after grinding but was drunk. fell asleep and tripped all the day after my 4 or 5 hours sleeping.
Second time, thinking I found some awesome legal mean to trip I ate some (smae batch) along with few psylo and HBWR seeds (and also possibly other things: stupid young drunk man) ... A big mistake, a huge discomfort which however was rather physical (intense purge) than psychological.
Since then I just use whole nutmeg as a spice ...
Now this Nutmeg oil will be sampled soon as I always have a good feeling towards its psychoactive potential.
I'm glad to share the opinions here.
Godspeed !

I'm here to learn a lot about essential oils. If you have some good documents, send me pdf or links.

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