Eucalyptus oil oral dosage

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Oct 16 07 5:55 AM

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These adult oral dosages are gathered from various sources. They vary a little from source to source.

2 to 10 drops
0.30-0.60 ml (5.0-10 minims)
0.03-0.18 ml (0.5-3.0 minims)
0.06-0.18 ml (1.0-3.0 minims)

A mimim is 0.06 ml.

Eucalyptus oil in small doses is safe for oral use. Its used in oral cough drops and as a food flavoring. The larger medicinal doses cause some sedation and it can be highly toxic if too much is used. Eucalyptus oil should be used with caution. It's probably best for an adult not to use more than 0.25 ml (about 12 drops).

WARNING: Severe poisoning has occurred in children after ingestion of 4 ml of eucalyptus oil. This should not be given to children without medical supervision.

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Oct 16 07 8:04 AM

I've personally ingested up to 0.25 ml of eucalyptus oil orally in a capsule. The effects are felt after about 20 minutes and include a mild thick feeling in the lungs, which is probably caused by its expectorant effects. This is followed by mild pleasant soft tingling sensations in the body and a very slight sedative effect. This builds to a peak after about 90 minutes and then last for several hours.

The overall feeling is pleasant and not intoxicating at all.

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Oct 17 07 3:49 AM

So it's a good decongestant orally? Is it more effective orally?

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Jul 31 08 10:15 PM

I'd suspect the variation in dosage is to a large extent due to the variation in eucalyptus oil composition. E. globulus itself has several subspecies, and there are other species similar to the point of confusion; also, there are reasons to suspect some differences in the composition of oil from juvenile and mature leaves. For human oral use, the main undesirable component is phellandrene.
A very interesting compendium of information on oils from various eucalypti (as well as hundreds of other plants) is E.J. Parry, The Chemistry of Essential Oils and Artificial Perfumes, London, 1921.

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