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Raw versus Roasted Almonds for Space Paste

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Jul 21 11 5:49 AM

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I will be making space paste soon and want to follow the recipe exactly but I've never seen it specified whether raw or roasted almonds should be used. It does specify that raw pistachios should be used though. So maybe it doesn't matter for the almonds?

I've been debating which would be better. From what I can find, it seems that roasting almonds may make the nuts more digestible and flavonoids more bioavailable. But I would also guess that some of the flavonoids and other compounds are destroyed by the heat of roasting.

I'm also concerned with benzaldehyde content. As far as I can find, benzaldehyde is created by the decomposition of amydalin in the nut upon soaking in water. So if amygdalin is heat sensitive, then roasted almonds might have less benzaldehyde since benzaldehyde is volatile (I think).

I'd like to hear some other people's opinions.
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Jul 21 11 8:45 AM

Both for good measure 
or if you're really curious try each and compare 
But just be sure to let us know :)

I've always assumed it was unroasted almonds that were called for 

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Jul 22 11 6:58 PM

I think that using both would just muddy up the results since I wouldn't be able to tell which type is better. I guess I'll just have to take a chance with one or the other.

I looked into it more and found that amygdalin probably isn't degraded by heat, so roasting won't change anything in that department.

I think I'll probably use raw almonds this time if I can find some that aren't too expensive. I haven't checked the prices yet, but I have a feeling that raw almonds might be more expensive than roasted almonds.

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