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Bonsai trees, herbs, cacti?

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Jun 4 11 7:21 AM

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Does anyone here have experience making bonsai trees/shrubs? Can this be done with cacti? Does the plant being bonsaied need a certain amount of resiliency to withstand the bonsai processing? How long does it take to do a "quick" and "good" bonsai? Does anybody know alkaloid profiles for bonsai trees or have heard of it?

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Jun 4 11 6:59 PM

Cool topic, vnc.  I remember doing some reading about this not too long back.  Never got around to any experiments, but here are a few links that might get you started: <---in regards to Anadenanthera colubrina <-----bonsai entheogens in general <----bonsai and mushrooms<----regarding ethneobotanical bonsai (acacias in particular) <---some more bonsai experiences

I'm sure there are plenty of specifically bonsai oriented sites/books.  What I've linked are threads/discussions in forums mostly regarding entheogens.  But I hope it helps a little bit!

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