Mar 25 10 10:44 PM

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This is a study showing that 500 mg of ground Nigella sativa seed is very useful for treating opioid dependency. I attached the full document. Here's a clip from it.

"Background: Opioid dependence is one of the major social and psychiatric problem of society.Unfortunately there is no non opiate treatment available. For centuries man has used plants for their healing proprieties. These plants play a fundamental part in all treatment modalities, both ancient and modern. Methods: This study was conducted to find non opiate treatment for opiate withdrawal. Total 35 known addicts of opiates were included in the study. This study was based on DSM IV criteria for opioid dependence.  Result: This study  demonstrates that non opioid treatment for opioid  addiction decreases the  withdrawal effects significantly. It further  demonstrates that there are no changes in physiological parameters of subjects during treatment (BP, Pulse rate etc.). There is increased appetite but no significant weight gain in the subjects. Conclusion: Non opioid drug Nigella sativa is effective in long term treatment of opioid dependence. It not merely cures the opioid dependence but also cures the infections and weakness from which majority of addicts suffer. Keywords: Niggella sativa; Opioid addiction."

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