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Nutmeg Oil + Mace

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Mar 8 10 9:37 PM

Dazeface, have you ever tied using just choline as a predose?

Also, did you feel a more tryptamine-like effect at the start and a more mescaline-like effect towards the middle and end of the trip?

I sometimes feel this. I think the tryptamine-like effects are from the dimethylamine metabolites and the mescaline-like effects are from the piperidine metabolites.

Maybe the dimethylamine metabolites have different pharmacokinetics, coming on faster, peaking faster, etc., and the piperidines come on slower, peak slower, etc.

If I supplement with choline for a few days, and then take nutmeg oil, I get a more tryptamine-like effect from it. I haven't paid attention to onset times. Maybe it comes on faster? I'll look for that next time.

If I get tryptamine-like effects and then I take L-lysine during the effects, the effects start shifting to being more mescaline-like.

When I take Saint John's Wort with elemicin, the effects usually start with a more tryptamine-like feel and shift to a more mescaline-like feel towards the end. Visuals are mostly only present at the end of the trip. I don't know why. It's just an observation.

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Mar 14 10 6:10 PM

Hendrix I've never used pure choline supplementation and I can't say whether it was tryptamine or mescaline like as I've not had any experience with tryptamines or mescaline.

I can tell you however, that when the effects first began trails were the most profound visual and were accompanied by more body effects (slightly less motor control) - towards the middle of the trip I began to have stronger visuals, colored dots/shapes overlaying everything in my vision.

We must also bear in mind that because I used Nutmeg oil and Mace there weren't really any dimethlyamine metabolites anyway - only a small amount from the low levels of safrole & elemicin, etc. The majority of psychoactive metabolites would've been myristicin pyrrolidine and piperidine.

I'd be very interested in seeing how you react to arginine supplementation Hendrix - or even a full spectrum supplementation as I tried.

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Aug 20 12 10:15 PM

69ron wrote:

This is off topic, but are you saying that black pepper alone causes sedative effects in your body?

Yes. At 5 grams or more I get an effect from black pepper that's identical to the "melatonin effect" that elemicin can cause when it fails to activate properly.That's using black pepper orally. Nothing else is used with it. No coffee. No allylbenzenes. Nothing else.It causes the same "melatonin effect" elemicin can cause when it fails to activate. At lower doses I don't get that effect. I need 5 or more grams to get that effect. I also need to use the whole powder. If I make a tea from it, then I don't get that effect, even a tea made from 10 grams won't cause it. Whatever causes it is not very water soluble. It could be one of the essential oils present in black pepper that causes it.If used with elemicin, 5 grams orally will also cause elemicin to produce it's "melatonin effect" instead of psychedelic effects for about 2-3 hours. And then after that elemicin becomes psychedelic.

Because for me, large quantities of black pepper are mildly but distinctly stimulant and produce a mood lift and sometimes even a little euphoria.

I get no stimulant effects at all from black pepper. I don't much like the effect I get. It's not really a sedative effect. It's effects are like melatonin which isn't exactly a sedative. I feel cloudy, like I didn't sleep right, I feel slow, by I'm not actually slow. I might yawn but I don't feel sleepy. No matter how much coffee I drink, the coffee never stimulates me during the "melatonin effect". Whatever it is, it blocks the effects of stimulants. It makes me feel "muted" as if my electrical impulses aren't firing all the way. It's hard to describe. It's similar to melatonin, but not the same. It's more unpleasant than melatonin, but feels similar.

Or did you mean black pepper with Elemicin produces this effect?

No. I does it on its own. But it also causes elemicin to produce it's own melatonin effect when used with it at doses of 5 grams or more.

For me Black pepper around 5-10gr it's stimulating, but, to be scientific, I always drink coffee in the morning, and after lunch. So I don't know. But one time I use Black Pepper and it was like the stimulation I get from Mace or the body-stimulation from Ephedra. It's not so potent, but you feel it. You want to move and not sit down. 

I appreciate the effect, but it lacked the 'mental stimulation'. Maybe Black Pepper and Nutmeg are good togheter, but I'd guess that not to much of Nutmeg. Maybe 2gr of Nutmeg and 8gr of Pepper. Or 1:4 ratio. 

Another alkaloid that for me it's intersting from Black Pepper is:  Antiepilepsirine



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