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Mar 21 13 10:12 PM

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I have no lab rats to test my well studied experiments hence I am "the ginnypig". Will do my best to keep clear records of my successes and setbacks. I see the kanna needs my experience and expertise as I had troubles as I went through much of those pains when I first started, and then we knew less than the little we do now!
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Mar 22 13 9:08 AM


Many old members rarely post, I know for sure 69ron is unable to log in, but, there is also activity on the wiki site:

I've got some unfermented kanna 50:1 extract from a well known vendor from the Netherlands.

I've insufflated small amounts in each nostril. I made sure each nostril was optimally primed for absorption (by cleaning and ensuring the inside was moist)

The amount was perhaps roughly around 3mm³.

I have not tried any other ROA's (routes of administration)

I feel the PDE4 inhibition (which kind of promotes wakefulness) goes really well with the CB1 agonism and the other properties.

Btw, unfermented kanna contains a wider selection of alkaloids than fermented kanna.

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