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Recommend LSD potentiator(s)

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Jul 8 10 1:27 PM

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Mar 19 13 11:57 PM

Best combinations

I know this is a very old post,
If you still monitor your post/response
I was wondering...
Do you know the best combination of all of these recommendation?
Could one use all of them and it still be an enhancement?
What is the time frame one should abide by with which herbs? Example: before (how long) during (how far in)
Love and light!!

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Mar 20 13 12:00 AM

Best combinations #2

The post above was directed specifically to 69Ron but any and all responses are appreciated!

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Mar 21 13 1:59 PM


I'll read through this thread in a sec but here is a good list of things to potentiate LSA abducts (eg LSH/LSC etc) by 69ron (originally posted on DMT nexus):

Seeing as LSA abducts are very similar to LSD I would think that the potentiators would work.

Organic LSD can be made more like real LSD by adding some other psychoactive compounds to it.

Organic LSD Additives

>>Datura stramonium seeds contain about 80% hyoscyamine, about 19% scopolamine, and traces of atropine. Each seed weighs about 7 mg and contains up to 0.7% alkaloids. 3 seeds added to an Organic LSD brew will effectively increase the visuals, increase the euphoria, and make it more like real LSD.

>>Ephedra has also been added. Use a low dose only. This will make the Organic LSD more euphoric, more “electric”. SWIM has little experience with this combination though.

>>Nux vomica seeds have also been added. This is VERY DANGEROUS. A tiny bit too much will kill you. A very small dose will make the Organic LSD have effects very much like real LSD. It will increase the visuals, increase your awareness of things, increase the euphoria, etc. It needs to be used in very small doses or the combination will be fatal. SWIM has NOT tried this one, but others have. SWIM is too cautious and will probably never try this one.

>>Psilocybin can also make it more like real LSD by increasing the visuals. The dose of psilocybin should be low or it overpowers the Organic LSD. The dose used should be just enough to cause stimulation. SWIM has experience with this combination. It’s very nice.

>>Yohimbe is sometimes added. SWIM has experience with this. Keep the yohimbe dose low. About 1/2 tsp is enough. It effectively blocks most of the vasoconstriction effects, and increases the visuals.

>>Anadenanthera colubrina (Yopo) is also sometimes added. Use no more than 1 seed orally. It will increase the visuals and increase the euphoria. Don’t use more than 1 seed or nausea will kick in.

>>Kola nut is sometimes added. This will increase the “electric” feel, increase the euphoria, help block vasoconstriction and bronchial constriction, and increase the visuals. This is a very pleasant combination.

>>Phenylalanine is sometimes added. This helps give it more of an “electric” feel and increases the euphoria. Use a low dose only.

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