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Blue lotus

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Oct 19 10 12:33 AM

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No blue lotus forum? Anyhow, I am recovering from long term (~4 years) amphetamine use at the moment, and something which helps immensely with bringing back my energy levels is blue lotus tea. I don't know the pharmacological reason for it. This is one of the only things I've found that works for this. Coffee does nothing for me, but blue lotus tea wakes me right up and gives me long lasting energy.

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Oct 20 10 4:45 AM

Interesting, blue lotus is apparently sedative... Theres almost nothing on pharmacological studies online that I can find or access on the actions of Blue lotus. The only thing I found about this that looked promising was this.

This website mentions that it contains apomorphine,
also nupharin, nymphalin, ellagic acid (Roth et al., 1994) ".

I found no info on nupharin, not much on nyphalin, but it seems that the genus Nymphaea contains different ratios of the similar chemistry according to a quick brous on Nyphaea genus.

I have never tried Blue lotus but I am curious in the effect it has on you.

I noticed that the Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants has this plant and says this about it:

"No pharmeceutical properties of Nymphea lotus and Nyphea coreulea are known. Yet the leaves and flowers are alleged to have narcotic properties. According to Emboden (1978), Nyphaea caerulea presumably contains alkaloids. The flowers produce an exquisite essential oil that is said to have aphrodisiac properties."

and on the Effects:

"Three to six buds, drunk as a tea, are said to induce hypnotic effects. The effects of the decoction become apparent some twenty minutes after ingestion. The initial symptoms include muscle tremors and nausea. Then comes a sensation of calm with alterations of color perception, auditory hallucinations, and other changes in auditory perception. The effects dissipate quickly after two hours."

Does this soud similar to what you have experienced?

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Oct 20 10 8:55 AM

If I drink it at night, I won't be able to sleep so I am fairly sure it stimulates me rather than sedates me. I swear by it now. Its one of the only plant remedies I have come across that remedies my drowsiness and lack of motivation to this extent. After a few cups of lotus tea, I work or study just as well as I did on dexedrine. Apomorphine so I suspect the reason it is helping me so much is because it is agonising D2 receptors, however it contains nuciferine:
which is supposed to be a dopamine antagonist so I don't know. It gives me a bit of anxiety/nervousness/stress as opposed to the relaxation that conventional stimulants like amphetamines induce in me. I should mention that I smoked powdered blue lotus in the past and felt nothing. I think by drinking concentrated tea, I am getting a larger amount of it into me.

My experience is different to that report. I do get some mild nausea (possibly induced by apomorphine) but no tremors and no auditory hallucinations. I get mild visuals and I notice I'm more susceptible to fear. Makes me way more susceptible to stress, I am usually immune to stress but after a few cups of BL tea, I get stressed out when I have a lot of tasks that I need to do. I get this on dexedrine too. That coupled with the nausea makes me suspect there is more dopamine agonism going on, than antagonism.

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Oct 20 10 12:17 PM

I feel like an idiot now, when I was cleaning out the tea pot I saw what the tea looks like wet and its definitely not blue lotus I have here. In the tea shop, they said blue lotus but these are small green leaves. Its probably regular green tea but I'm not fully sure. The leaves are the same shape as camillia sinensis, but they are no wider than a dime, does that sound right?

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Oct 20 10 1:06 PM

Doesn't sound like Blue Lotus to me! The leaves are lily pads and should be fairly large unless the specimen is young.

Besides that the stamens supposedly have the highest concentration of alkaloids anyway. From experience of eating the fresh plant I can certainly tell you that the stamens are the most bitter (bitterness possibly indicating alkaloid concentration) whilst the stems are not bitter at all and the leaves only mildly so.


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Oct 21 10 5:03 PM

if blue lotus tea keeps you up add some chamomile and or spearmint, both are gently relaxing. a 3mg melatonin tablet helps me sleep when lotus is keeping me up.

you want to drink blue lotus tea for 7 nights in a row before bed.

then you want to take a 7 day break with no blue lotus, so you can get a clear picture of how the plant alters your senses (not just 5 but infinite)

then on the 15th night you want to start drinking again every night, you can drink it every night from this point on before bed.

when you wake up on day 16 drink it instead of coffee first thing in the morning (careful if it makes you sedated and you have to drive) and also drink it before you go to bed, continue this 1 cup when you wake up 1 cup before bed for a full 7 days.

then after drinking it before bed and when you wake up for 7 nights in a row, cut out the cup in the morning and just continue drinking it before bed from now on.

once every so many weeks take another week drinking it before bed AND when you wake up to give it another boost again and go back to just before bed again this ramps it up in a smooth way, ideally avoid drinking it every night and morning for more than 7 days at a time you mostly want to drink it before bed with one week every so many being before bed and first thing in the morning.

you want to go slow and steady with this plant thats how it benefits you, if you are patient and persistent with this plant, it will reward you so overwhelmingly you will become addicted to maintaining persistence and having patience because you will KNOW how much its going to pay off.

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Nov 2 10 12:41 PM

jasoncaridi wrote:
What species exactly do you prefer of blue lotus? I know there is some confusion in certain circles, there. What sort of plant material do you buy exactly?

get them all, develop a relationship with each.

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Nov 28 10 8:16 PM

Alright, so its not green tea thats giving me the energy. I experimented with all kinds of green tea, as well as coffee, pure caffeine, l-theanine etc. and all those things just made my drowsiness worse. I can't figure out what this particular tea is and why it has such good effects on me. Maybe its the combination of blue lotus and green tea that does it for me. I have a bag of powdered blue lotus, so I'm gonna try combining it with green tea tomorrow.

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Nov 28 10 11:11 PM

day1 try green tea- report effects, day 2 try blue lotus-report effects, day 3 try both together report effects, day 4 try green tea then 1 hour later blue lotus- report effects, day 5 try blue lotus then 1 hour later green tea- report effects= this will help organize your experiments and thoughts. I am looking forward to your report. BTW which parts of the blue lotus do you have? pistils? leaves? stames? full flower?

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