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L-tryptophan to tryptamine to DMT in vivo

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Feb 4 09 2:55 AM

How can we get the shroom-like effects without the sleepy feeling? I like this but I hate the sleepy feeling that follows the trip.

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Feb 4 09 3:53 AM

The fact that you can lightly trip from large doses of L-tryptophan is pretty well known. I saw talk of this many decades ago. The sleepy side effects people talk about are what turn people off to it. It does work. If you do the research enough you will find lots of tests showing that large doses of L-tryptophan make you trip. Some people get similar effects from large doses of melatonin.

I think we all know that L-tryptophan produces DMT in vivo. This is a proven fact. But it normally does so in very small amounts. It’s so small that most people need 10 grams or more of L-tryptophan to get some mild trippy effects from it. What this thread is attempting to do is to lower the dosage needed to trip.

The fact that some people are getting it to work easily and others are not is not at all surprising to me. This process requires that your body does the right steps leading to the creation of a substantial amount of DMT, many times more than it would normally make.

DMT itself is not orally active without an MAOI. I doubt most of you will get strong effects from this process without using something like harmaline.

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Feb 4 09 4:40 PM

SWIM usually has a very healthy diet, consisting of mostly home cooked meals, juice daily, some fresh squeezed, good oils, spices, garlic ginger, curries, pepper (both), with fast food maybe once every week or two at most.  about 3  organic roll your own cigs, and a cup of coffee or 2 a day, maybe a caffeinated tea instead.  SWIM also has used these in mostly a spiritual setting or for recording music, meaning its not a party thing.  Sometimes SWIM will burn one down... but far from daily anymore...

After thinking about this, most times SWIMMERS go SWIMMING in a religious setting they fast first.. That may be the truly simplest way for me to figure out whats going on with SWIM.  Also, I remember us talking about how abstaining from sex might work wonders for building up levels of brain goodies, and SWIM also is one of the lucky ones who gets lots of sex daily :) and maybe that could be grounding SWIM to earth instead of going to a more spiritual plane.  Just a thought

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#64 [url]

Feb 4 09 5:07 PM

I hate to say it but everytime I quit tobacco my "hppd" returns, although calling it hppd is really an insult because I am quite in love with how I feel...  I love tobacco though, it's one of my favorite herbs, but I have been quitting on and off for the last year, and everytime I quit I notice extremely significant changes to my psyche, spirituality, energy levels, dream life, etc.  Perhaps this is not true for you.  I only smoke roll your owns as well, either homegrown by Teo or South American if I can get it, so it's definitely not the additives, but the actually tobacco that stunts this.  I am thinking it has to do with choline...

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#65 [url]

Feb 4 09 8:09 PM

  spices, garlic ginger, curries, pepper (both), with fast food maybe once every week or two at most.  about 3  organic roll your own cigs, and a cup of coffee or 2 a day, maybe a caffeinated tea instead.


basically quit tabaco and coffee and all that spicy shit, eat rice with salt and drink plain water.

i am amazed there are any people on this forum anymore still trying to get this stuff to work wile they are still using tabaco or coffee or tea, like literally the only things you should ingest within the days leading up to use and during and after are peanut butter sandwich, and the list of inhibitors your using and the substance itself.

69ron we need to do up a "list" like the inhibitor list for these other combos we are doing and have a inhibitor discussion page for them as well things like tryptophan to dmt and PEA and it would be a good idea to do a page for each of the oils that can be enhanced with inhibitors i know elemicin and all the allylbenzenes already have info on what to inhibit and what to induce on the main allylbenzene inhibitor page but we should go more in depth than that or at the very least make their own pages would help a lot of people i am sure.

i want to mention this as i am not sure if it is able to improve or weaken oils and things but i take one of these everyday right after my first meal and in all total seriousness the level of day to day overall well being i achieve wile taking it everyday is second only to when i start to consistently remember my dreams. sorry to go off topic but does anyone else find when they remember their dreams acutely or even consistently what do you experience during the day? because i experience an anti-depressant like effect that is extremely long lasting and extremely strong to the point ware literally no other substance or practice or way of thinking really compares to it

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Feb 5 09 2:05 PM

It doens't seem amazing that people that are trying to trip from herbs also eat healthy diets with raw foods and lots of herbs and spices.....

hence the fasting comment.

it actually seems like eating too much healthy stuff (containing lots of vitamin C) would be making the inactive metabolites form. 

I think a good comparison will be fasting with food compared to fasting from sex.  Then we might be able to confirm Toastus's suspicions of hallucinating coming from D2 or not.

I also don't know what hppd stands for

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#67 [url]

Feb 5 09 5:16 PM

From erowid:

Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder is a long-term visual disorder caused by taking hallucinogens. While sometimes referred to as "Flashbacks", it is generally agreed that this term is inappropriate for the visual disturbances most commonly experienced after psychedelic use.

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#68 [url]

Feb 6 09 3:51 AM

I think a good comparison will be fasting with food compared to fasting from sex.  Then we might be able to confirm Toastus's suspicions of hallucinating coming from D2 or not.


Wait, how would fasting help us determine D2's involvement? By boosting the dopamine system?

Today I furthered my belief of psychedelic activity. I think many of the emotional effects of psychedelics are from massive dopamine release in the brain. Somehow it's released in the right areas so it isn't addictive.

The huge dopamine release would cause everything to look beautiful, the colors, the shapes, and all that goodness. It would cause amazing euphoria, and an incredible depth of emotional understanding of everything. It would produce more associative thought processes (the kind of abstract thought that's attributed to all psychedelics). I think that, since boosting dopamine results in increased emotional intelligence (as compared to detail-oriented "acetylcholinergic intelligence") (in me, at least), dopamine activity in psychedelics causes a lot of the "psychedelic" effects. Especially in helping to understand the meaning of life and all.

Theoretically this would include visuals. Large amounts of dopamine, in the right areas and on the right receptors (I'm sure D2 is one of them, but probably not the only one) would cause visuals.

So, I think many of the effects of psychedelics are caused by dopamine. There are others, like GABA inhibition in the prefrontal cortex (which would raise activity in the front-most part of the brain near the third eye, which is why you think so many spiritual thoughts on psychedelics), like serotonin release (which would release oxytocin), and massive enhancement of the cholinergic system by the protein BDNF.

All of these sound like perfect candidates for the dreaming system to be a part of.

Sorry for the off topic, but I had to put it somewhere and urock talked about it. I blame urock. :)

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#69 [url]

Feb 6 09 5:34 AM

Fasting from sex, because it gives your dopamine (and oxytocin) time to recharge... might be a way to test the D2 involvement with getting stronger effects.

Eating real light before-hand or not at all... maybe some people just need to fast from sex and really restrict the diet to make these work closer to 100% of the time on everyone.  -

and no tobacco... at least not til you want to push the peak

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#72 [url]

Nov 3 11 11:32 PM

69ron wrote:
L-tryptophan to tryptamine to DMT in vivo
Ever since smoking tryptophan I've been waking up with closed eye visuals. Pretty sweet, haha! -toastus

That’s interesting. That has not happened to me from taking it orally on it’s own.


That may be because you are taking it orally. And if taken orally it may be broken down and by a MAO and as a result not reach your brain.



sorry for caps. my  caps lock key and other keys onn the keyboard are broken.

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#73 [url]

Oct 15 12 8:50 PM

Tryptophan could be decarboxylated wit proper mineral oils in a good temperature.

There's a PDF (free on web) that indicate that this reaction with some oils (like mint, spearmint, carvone....) leads to Tryptamine and others B-carbolines during the process.

Is it intersting, isn't it?

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