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Lemon Oil is Definitely Psychedelic!

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Aug 3 11 4:22 AM


So, SWIM'S wife uses essential oils for many things, personally I just like the smell. Just got moved into a new house, and seeing how my wifi won't be ready for a few days, I stumbled across this thread.

Combining all of what I've read in this thread, I have mixed 20 drops of pure essential lemon oil with a small amount of vicks vapor rub, and a smaller amount of hand sanitizer. I have applied this mixture topically to several areas, and it has been about 30 minutes. I have some slight euphoria, elevated mood, and slight visuals. No other mind altering substances are in effect, and as I'm typing this, I can feel the effects getting stronger. Almost like the onset of an acid trip.

Will post results in a few hours.

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Nov 12 11 5:55 AM

Lemon Oil...

Hello Toastus,

I am intrigued by your experimentation with lemon oil, pine oil, and cannabis oil. Have your determined whcih chemical(s) is/are responsible for the psychedelic effects?
I have questions about the oils (lemon, pine, cannabis) specifically. Is it necessary to utilize the oilahuasca activation techniqes to induce psychedelic effects? How many drops of lemo/pine/cannabis essential oil did you use? Oral or topical use? Also, what brand of lemon oil do you use? I currently have young living, but have not experimented with it for psychedelic purposes yet.

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#85 [url]

Apr 28 12 9:13 PM

Lemon oil taken with zero effects

Hi guys, I read this post and decide to give lemon oil a go myself only to be disappointed. Dosed with 60 drops in water over a 60 minute period and waited and waited. Nothing happened so used 40 drops in olive oil onto legs and torso and after a few hours nothing. So my question is are some people ultra sensitive to lemon essential oil and others not? I'm wanting to give nutmeg oil a go but not sure how to use inhibitors. Any advice would be so welcome!

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Apr 28 12 9:39 PM

Lemon oil

Hi just wondering if there is a difference in the psychoactive properties of expressed lemon oil and distilled lemon oil? I really want to experience the psychedelic properties of lemon

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#87 [url]

Apr 30 12 6:57 PM

I tried Aura Cacia brand by drinking it and was absolutely flying. Social,loving,brighter colors,Completely at ease and very focussed, Things alot more lucid. Very intelligent thinking Great Stuff (:

I ALSO tried NOW brand and had no effects at all even at 100 drops. When 20 drops of the other brand had me feeling wonderful, 40 Awesome, 90 amazing. Gotta get your stomach use to it before taking high doses.

I have had mdma, Marijuana and some other things not worth mentioning. A very good up.

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May 1 12 6:25 AM

Lemon oil

Athletichunta did you use ordinary lemon essential oil? I dosed over 60 drops plus additional 40 drops applied to skin and had absolutely no affect. Any advice you can give would be appreciated. I don't want to give in so soon but was so disappointed. How much water did you drink when you dosed?

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May 6 12 5:36 AM

I drink it straight now. I used this brand. I take it on a completly empty stomach and takes about 3 hours to kick in. There is a tolerance that builds to it. Higher doses works like adderall, lower dose's like taking a xanax and some speed.. very clearing to the head. Effects are not Major. But are great. I enjoy it.

Yes aromoa therepy essential oil. 

Last Edited By: Athletichunta May 6 12 6:08 AM. Edited 3 times.

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May 6 12 6:09 AM

Tripin again. (: ...... Ate it with some chicken liver. Seems to have entenstifed the effects. Liver has more nutriton in it than any food. Mega doses of vitamins . Feeling Happy and alert. Yeah I'm trippn pretty great right now see ya.

Last Edited By: Athletichunta May 9 12 2:13 AM. Edited 4 times.

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#95 [url]

May 7 12 3:42 AM

Alright. I tried NOW brand one more time. It has very little effect if any. Feel mellow.a little happy but no focus, no lucidness of sight, no color change. NOW brand a fraud. There is definitely something wrong with it.I could see why. You get 5 times the amount for an extra dollar or 2. cold pressed 100% lemon oil?. I think not.

To those having issues please try the aura brand. You don't get much. I am not sure if they sell it in bigger quantities yet. I will look. But these NOW brand and I'm sure other brand are B.S . It Also Has a very crappy tatse to it like something has been added to it or it is diluted. Can't put my finger on it.

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May 17 12 8:35 AM

,.Ok. I'm not sure what happened. I tried 20 drops, then 40, then another 20. Feeling great after a couple hours. Then I ate a oreo mcflury a crispy clubhouse and fries and a sprite. And holly god. 25 minute latter I started to feel a little trippy. Thought it was just my mind. And then BAM. It hit me like a mac truck. (lol mac.) OK. I mean Woah. World was completely completly in Hyper reality. I was tripping face!. I am thinking maybe it was somthing I ate activating somthing. Maybe the sprite?. Lemmon lime?. Maybe the oiniouns?. Maybe a chemical reaction between one of the many perservitives in mcdonalds?. I am not sure. But It felt like I was Serious high. Like Crazy high. Maybe just a fluke.. I will experament with this tommorrow more. I am not sure why this happened. It was intense. seriously.

Last Edited By: Athletichunta May 17 12 8:39 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Jul 17 13 2:52 AM

Does anyone still check this forum? I've only just discovered it recently and have been trying to learn from all the old posts.
I've tried some Lemon EO experiments and they were all a failure.

Before I considered even trying it I had this theory about the dodgy turn-out of it. I was wondering if perhaps the effectiveness of these EOs was affected by if you have already had a psychedelic experience in your life before. I've read a little bit more since then and the suggestions of it having to do with diet, personal enzyme makeup, and fluoride exposure are probably more likely true than my musings.

If anyone is still here I can go into detail.


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#98 [url]

Jan 18 14 9:03 PM

Please go into detail for us. I still check in occasionally, as do others I'm sure.

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