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Finally got a profoundly euphoric effect from PEA

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Jul 15 11 11:59 PM

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Disclaimer:  I understand the risk of a post such as this, making PEA to seem like an MDMA substitute, which I think nearly anyone would attest IT IS NOT.  First of all it doesn't even last long enough for you to tell someone else how high you are because it's worn off by the time you find someone to tell.  Secondly, the stimulation is marginal, meaning it does not compell a person to do the psychotic things stimulants can do, induce super-human strength, or anything dumb like that.  Third, the "euphoric effect" is clearly not a sure-shot with this stuff, so it's abuse potential is less than nil.  Plus, even this "profound euphoria" is relative to the simple fuck-all that I usually get from PEA.  Comparing it to MDMA is borderline naive of me, but alas, I share my experience for the greater good of data...


I honestly feel like it comes around full-circle past all the chemisty back to the most basic fundamental rule of drug-experimentation...


I've tried PEA with and without hordenine and caffiene in all sorts of doses, combos and timings, dozens of times, reliably giving a STRONG rushing effect every time but never enjoyable or recreational, just very interesting.  Never even hinted at euphoric as some others suggest.  One time, while I was jamming with my band in our rehearsal space, which was loud, positive, intense dark and colorfully lit, a dose of PEA hit me and it gave some very reminiscent effects resembling a more enjoyable coming-up of MDMA as opposed to the usual just weird feeling body tingles and disassociation, however I was immersed in playing the music so I couldn't focus on the effects very much.  It was enough to peak my interest and prove that there is -something- to experiment here.

Fast forward many months to last night.  I haven't tried PEA in a long time and was reading about it again recently.  A surprise EDM event popped up locally, and I wanted to experiment with PEA in another intense, loud, nicely-lit environment, possibly even around other people who too are taking and experimenting with substances, so this would have been perfect.  It was FREE too, so I wouldn't have felt bad if the PEA turned on me and I had to leave.  I packed four capsules containing a total of ~250 hordenine and ~700 mg PEA.  Stomach rather empty, mind positive and excited.

About a half hour after I took the caps, the music began and the environment increased dramatically in intensity.  All the kandi kids were jumping around and the crowd got crazy as the music started, just as any decent show.  About 5-10 minutes after the music started, I began feeling the usual expected PEA effects starting in my legs and arms.  The effect began to manifest and very quickly started to feel euphoric!  The music got more full and special, easier to appreciate, the lights and environment became very vibrant, my vision became RAZOR sharp to the point where dustparticles in the air were distracting me, I began feeling very close to others and pretty much 1:1 all the expected coming-up effects on a strong dose of some good quality MDMA.  This effect lasted a good 45 minutes before it subsided, and then by the 2h mark I felt as if I hadn't taken anything at all.

I could not BELIEVE how much I felt like I was straight-up rolling on MDMA.  For the first hour the effects were indistinguishable, and that means something coming from me because for the first time in years I just recently had the purest MDMA I have ever personally tested in my life, and the effects were very fresh in my memory.  I remembger thinking as that MDMA was hitting me "Wow, I can feel all the similarities to PEA, this just feels 1000x more recreational."  However this time, the feeling was nearly identical.  The difference is that after the first ~45 minutes of coming up on MDMA, the rush subsides and then the REAL melting, mind-bending euphoria starts to take effect which feels different from the rush itself.  It's like PEA and MDMA are 1:1 up until the rush subsides, where PEA simply stops working and MDMA begins it's euphoric cascade.

Just wanted to share my experience!!

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Jul 21 11 4:59 PM

Thanks for the report. I've used PEA a lot in the past and understand where you're coming from. PEA has never been all that euphoric for me, at least not when compared to the way that a lot of other people described it. There was always some euphoria and a nice rush when it worked, but it doesn't always work for me and the effects don't last very long.

I've always enjoyed the effects, but they would be much nicer if they lasted longer and were more reliable. I also found it kind of strange that hordenine didn't really work for me. I've had to work with other activators.

PEA is fun, but I've come to find that PEA is even better when mixed with other more powerful drugs. It also seems more reliable when mixed with other drugs, especially DXM. PEA has always worked for me when combined with DXM and the euphoria is much stronger with this combination.

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Jul 27 11 11:46 PM

Very interesting. I'm not a big fan of DXM, but have had my fair share of it in the past and some effects are quite fun. The side effects like dis-coordination, nausea, sedation and such drive me far away from it. It just feels so toxic to me. Makes sense why PEA would be fun while on it though!

I've been wondering and tempted to try a PEA+psilocybin combination of some sorts.

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