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Physical HPPD symptoms?

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Jul 10 11 9:42 PM

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Has anyone here experienced or heard of physical symptoms from HPPD?  Like itching/tingling/shooting pains?  It seems like when my classic HPPD symptoms flare up so do these other physical phenomena.  Thanks a lot.
EDIT: To describe the physical symptoms a little better..its almost like a crawling skin type thing.  Like I just got a hair cut and there's hair down my shirt.  But this is everywhere and I am getting somewhat arthritic feeling pains.  Both these phenomena are happening pretty much all over.

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Jul 11 11 4:12 PM

What you are describing probably wouldn't be considered HPPD because HPPD is supposed to only consist of visual hallucinations, at least as far as I know. I also have mild HPPD and I've never experienced any physical symptoms along with the visual ones.

If this is bothering you, then you might want to go to a doctor and see what they can tell you. You might have something more serious. The physically symptoms could be due to some neurological problem.

Also, the fact that your HPPD flares up seems strange to me. The first P in HPPD stands for persisting. In general, the symptoms are supposed to be relatively constant. If they are flaring up, then you might be experiencing "flashbacks" which are something distinct from HPPD. This could also help explain the physical symptoms since I pretty sure that flashbacks include a wider variety of symptoms and are usually much more intense and consist of short lived episodes unlike HPPD.

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