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Request for Art Topic (subject of dyes, chemistry)

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Jun 25 11 8:47 PM

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I'm requesting there should be an ART part of the forum so that people can discuss how to make their own paints, dyes, aesthetically pleasing, and or their own art they might want to share

I have recently been fascinated by the history of dyes and the biochemistry related. Aniline a chemical obtained from the destructive distillation of Indigo, which is obtained from plant sources of Fabacea, specifically Indigofera: Indigofera suffruticosa, Indigofera tinctoria (true indigo) and others.

Wikipedia says, "A preindustrial process for production of indigo white, used in Europe, was to dissolve the indigo in stale urine. A more convenient reductive agent is zinc. Another preindustrial method, used in Japan, was to dissolve the indigo in a heated vat in which a culture of thermophilic, anaerobic bacteria was maintained.                                                   Some species of such bacteria generate hydrogen as a metabolic product,                   which convert insoluble indigo into soluble indigo white. Cloth dyed in such a vat was decorated with the techniques of shibori (tie-dye), kasuri, katazome, and tsutsugaki. Examples of clothing and banners dyed with these techniques can be seen in the works of Hokusai and other artists."

*I am intrigured that there is bacteria that can do this (highlighted in bold) and am curious how these bacteria work, and where are they!?

*I'm also curious on how to extract plant dyes and soak them into cloth but then perserve the color without it leeching, I've done tie-die shirts (never thinking of the chemistry behind them) long long long spanking time ago  but what about even color, or even-color shirts, I've never thought of it other than on industrial levels. Also, how many grams of material do you use for tie-die, is it just water you dip in? If anybody has the experience I'd be glad to hear what yall have to say.( especially natural tie-die where you extract your own plant-dyes!)

Theres always dandelions and I have recently wondered why don't people extract the yellow dye in dandelions? I haven't found any references to the yellow in dandelions for really anything but poetry.
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#1 [url]

Jun 29 11 6:16 PM

An art section would be great, vnc.  
And there's a lot of interesting info in your post.

In regards to dandelions, apparently
the root yields a "red-pink" dye.​

I've been looking into using dandelions for various purposes.
 I'll report back any experiences with coloring.  
Thanks for the inspiration!

Also, check this out if you'd like-
an account of late 19th century paint-making:

It outlines using charcoal from
different kinds of wood 
for blacks with different tones.

Lots of cool other info 
on creating colors and stuff
that goes beyond paint, too 

There might be something in there 
that could help with your search
for dye-fixatives.

Anyway, good luck! I'm interested to hear any developments.

Also, what's the next step for officially creating an art section?


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#2 [url]

Jul 2 11 11:21 PM

Bad news. Only admins can create a new section. I do not have administrator access and 69Ron and Maggy haven't been around for a long time. I don't know if there were any other administrators for this forum.

For now, maybe you could just post anything about this topic in the general herb discussion section or what section you think works the best.

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