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Separation of extracts using centrifuge

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May 22 10 6:03 PM

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Has anyone here ever tried separation of extracts using a centrifuge?  If so, did it work?  I've thought about trying it but I've never done it.  If it worked it could be a good way to separate things without chemicals.  Thoughts?

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Oct 22 10 12:21 PM

Depends on the relative masses of the compounds being seperated. If there is a large difference then its possible, If there isn't a large difference then its going to be unlikely

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Jun 4 11 5:29 AM

How can one calculate the centrifugal rate necessary to extract desired compounds? I know many enzymes are extracted this way. Is there a particle size limit? How are these fractionated off to relinquish the desired enzymes/proteins. I understand some proteins and enzymes need a solution to help them stay together, and or/ avoidance of light etc... but for something simple like pure amylase from someones mouth, how would one go about doing this? Would one use a centrifuge?

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