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Where are the plentiful studies on adaptogenic herbs???

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Mar 10 11 12:19 AM

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I have several books on the broad topic, i'm versed in pubmedcentral use and i've discovered the trick of *open access journals* in my search for reductionist style 'knowledge' but I have yet to find sources that are capable of delivering confirming information on the application of adaptogenic herbs, most of what I find is 'inclonclusive' 'subpar study design' 'conflicting data' etc.  Seems there's more than this out there.  Could anyone point me in the right direction?  I'm willing to put the hours into reading/re-reading scientific papers, I just need them to do so :)

Thank you 
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Jun 4 11 5:26 AM

More public knowledge is necessary, I have plenty of articles that I can send you that may help. It would be great if you could send me some of the articles you have found as well. Also different databases sometimes have different access and so if you are trying to understand something interesting enough for the community to cooperate with, they may also be inclined to help you in your search.

pm me.

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