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diversity in prolactin experience for PEA

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Mar 19 11 3:01 AM

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Me and my girlfriend has conducted repeat experiments, or rather I conducted repeat experiments using her as the test subject. So the subject is a female meaning that naturally she has significantly higher serum prolactin than even the girliest of men here, on top of that she is a proud owner of abnormally large breasts, each is literally the size of her head so her prolactin levels are probably extremely high for even female standards! To really make sure her prolactin was high as humanly possible I had her stay up till 5 in the morning(sleep deprivation increases prolactin) which increased her prolactin even more but that wasn't enough. So at the end of our long night of watching Breaking Bad episodes I played with her nipples and sucked on them to increase her prolactin levels even further! Then FINALLY I gave her 100mg Hordenine with 1 gram of Phen around 5:15 AM. She was BLITZED out of her mind with Euphoria for the next 45 minutes dancing to the songs on her mp3 player, not only did she say that this was one of the most intense highs she has ever got from Phen but the most euphoric and "spiritual" as well!

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Mar 19 11 4:27 PM

i have come to the realization quite some time ago that many of the posts on this forum involve testing so flawed that it is more productive to not explain to the person all the flaws in the test because they almost always have infused emotional-ego weight into the act they performed and have developed a sense of progress because at least they tried something instead of nothing so they have SOME form of experience they tell themselves.

that said

some peoples bodies have developed a rate of metabolism and break down for things like prolactin that is so fast that they do not suppress euphoria but instead enhance it, unfortunetly this is extremely taxing on the system so only people with particular genetics can pull it off or people that eat particular things in their diet.

i am going to modify your post, if you revert it, or act out as a result you will be banned.

there are many many more major flaws in your test that i feel are so obvious it would be crippling you to point them out. and i would rather not be the person that puts you into a cozy-spoonfed-coma.

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Mar 19 11 4:41 PM

also a properly activated PEA experience involves the euphoria lasting 8-48 hours strong not 45 minutes.

for you to test this properly you need to continually orgasm repeatedly till it starts hurting to touch yourself then continue for like another 5-10 orgasms THEN after that when it feels like you put your penis in embers and it is continually throbbing with pain THEN you take the compound and see how much it does for you. this will simply create a different kind of experience.

also if the person does not orgasm then it does not work properly, women are a horrible group to be testing this on because their body is geared towards a multi-layered prolactin system so these test are essentially pointless if not done on males.

one of the most important aspects of making progress in any kind of learning is to always retain the mindset that at every step of the way you know absolutely nothing and everything you think you know could be wrong, if you do not do this you are allowing the ego to build universes inside your mind and that will make the test progressively more flawed the longer you keep going on reinforcing the assumed facts compiling into the ego giving it more and more strength to deny conflicting data.

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Mar 19 11 8:46 PM


user name wrote:
also a properly activated PEA experience involves the euphoria lasting 8-48 hours strong not 45 minutes.

How exactly does one pull that off? Seriously please provide some instructions so I can experiment with it in the name of science.

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Mar 22 11 9:51 PM

I agree with user name... Looking back on my past posts, sometimes I had no idea what I was talking about. Much of the information buried in this forum is invalid. If it were still an active forum, it would paint a very different picture than it does now.

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Mar 24 11 6:33 AM

Yeah I've found myself constantly contradicting prior conclusions. I plan to be active in the forum if anyone else is.
There's so much to still learn about this chemical (PEA). Especially how it reacts with carbidopa (struggling trying to get my hands on some).
On the topic, I've had one time where PEA failed to do anything for hours, but after orgasm it was activated for about 30 mins to an hour.
I also fap atleast once per day, which you would think would downregulate by the release of PEA and interfere with PEA experience due to the prolactin still roaming around, but I don't think it did.
I do have tolerance now, but I don't think that had anything to do with it.

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