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Some Indian Nutmeg has Lots of Goodies

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Jan 25 11 4:49 PM

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Jan 27 11 10:47 AM

What this article really says, is that we can never be sure of the potency of nutmeg or nutmeg oil. There could be lots of people, who have failed to active nutmeg, just because they had little to no allylbenzenes in their product. All they got was terpenes, which produced the extreme sedation and other negative effects. On the other hand, some got effects from just one drop of nutmeg oil - it could have been some super potent oil (30% myristicin and 20% elemicin).

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Jan 27 11 2:09 PM

the terpenes usually make experiences better. probably matter in the fixed oil that causes the sedation, like myristic acid. but yeah I agree. Although the indian nutmeg was shown to have higher overall content than from other areas.

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Jan 28 11 4:43 PM

Yes, trimyristin has negative effects, but myrcene (found in EO) is a sedative and I really don't see how it could make the experience better. Afterall, the most common side-effect of nutmeg is sedation...

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